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by Jessie Jordan,  Jun 5 2018
Updated at Jul 23, 2021|2 min read

Tenina Bernard’s husband, a member of the Air Force Reserves, will be deployed later this year. The couple, who are relatively new parents, recently purchased their first home—in Bakersfield, Calif. With all the changes happening in their lives, Bernard has been focused on saving money. When she heard about Gabi, she was intrigued.

“I read online that Gabi could make it easy to save money on insurance, and I thought it seemed cool,” Bernard says. “I called my husband and we decided it was worth a try.”

Finding Savings

First, Bernard focused on car insurance, signing in with her current insurance company login to provide Gabi access to her policy. “I’m a new homeowner so I didn’t really think about home insurance at first,” she laughs. “But as soon as I entered my car insurance information, which was super easy, the site told me right away we’d save money.”

Originally, Gabi estimated it could save the Bernards about $300 per year by switching from their current car insurance to a new company. But when the new company ran their driving records, it found that Bernard’s husband had gotten two tickets in the past year—so the savings went to about $100 per year. “My Gabi representative was so nice about it,” Bernard says. “He felt bad that the savings were lower than we’d originally thought, even though it wasn’t their fault my husband got two tickets. And Gabi sent us a $100 Amazon gift card to make up for it. The customer service was just amazing throughout the whole process.”

After a positive experience reducing her car insurance premium, Bernard decided to submit her home insurance documents. Since she didn’t have an online account for her home insurance company, she simply uploaded her insurance documents to “We were also able to save about $100 per year on home insurance,” she says. “So we’ve saved $200 per year so far, and as soon as my husband goes to driving school for his recent ticket and the other one rolls off his record, we’ll get even more savings.”

Quick, Easy and Secure

Bernard admits she was a little nervous about entering all her insurance information into the Gabi tool—but she’s glad she did it. “Everything was very secure and trustworthy,” she says. “All the paperwork for our new policies came directly from the insurance companies, and Gabi located the savings and helped us make the switch.”

For instance, as soon as Gabi located a less expensive insurance policy for the Bernards, Scott Grimm at Gabi sent Bernard an email with details. “His email told me exactly what to expect,” Bernard says. “One of our new insurance companies has an app that I needed to use to sign forms, and another sent forms by email with DocuSign, and Scott explained all that, making it very easy for me.”

After her easy money-saving experience with Gabi, Bernard says she’s already been recommending it to her friends. “With moving and deployment and the kid, I’ve been trying to find ways to save as much money as we could,” she says. “And Gabi has been a great first step.”

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Written by
Jessie Jordan
Jessie is a Marketing Specialist at Gabi. As a licensed insurance agent, she has been helping Gabi customers buy and understand auto, home, renters, landlord, and umbrella insurance in a digestible way since she joined the Gabi team in 2020. Before joining Gabi she was a globally recognized Senior Account Executive for UPS- trusted with advising top brands on how to grow and streamline their business.
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Robbie Boddy
Robbie is the Vice President, Head of Sales & Customer Experience at Gabi. As a licensed insurance agent, he has more than 15 years of experience in the insurance industry, joining Gabi after working with Liberty Mutual as the Assistant Vice President and Site Leader, Direct Sales and Innovation. Robbie is a member of the Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriters society and has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Grand Canyon University.
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