Healthcare Administrator Saves Almost $300 Annually with Gabi

by Agnieszka Fratczak,  Aug 27 2018

Every month, Myong Cross was paying $82.50 each month for car insurance. A healthcare administrator in Arizona, Cross was able to make the payments but the price just seemed too high.

“My car financing company told me about Gabi and I was ready to check it out,” Cross says. “I was paying too much to my former auto insurance company.”

Cross visited and followed the easy prompts to link her insurance accounts with the tool. Getting signed up takes about one minute.

Almost immediately, Cross received word that Gabi had found the same auto coverage for less money. The new auto coverage cost $58.25 per month, a savings of $24.25 monthly and $291 on an annual basis.

To access the best rate with the new auto insurance company, Cross needed to switch her renter’s insurance to the same company. She’d been paying $110 per year for renters insurance, but the new company charges $125 annually. That extra $15 cuts into Cross’ insurance savings a little bit, but she’s still saving $276 per year on insurance.

And for Cross, that savings was well worth the effort. “My favorite part about using Gabi is that it’s high-tech, has fast service, and found a reasonable auto insurance company for me,” Cross says.

The whole experience with Gabi was “very high-tech and fast,” Cross says. She’s already recommended Gabi to a friend and looks forward to continuing to keep more money in her pocket each month.

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