Frequent Questions

What is Gabi?
Gabi is a free app to manage your insurance. We review your current policies and find you a better deal and advise you on the right coverage.
How much does Gabi cost?
Gabi is 100% free.
How does Gabi get compensated?
We get paid a commission directly from the insurance carriers when we become your agent of record. Although some carriers don’t allow us to be your agent, we believe it is more important to tell you about the best deal even if we don’t receive a commission. Insurance rates are cyclical so at some point down the road we would be able to switch you to one of our appointed carriers when the savings is right. We trust that you will like us so much that you tell your friends and family about us too!
How does Gabi get my insurance data?
You can either link your online insurance accounts or send us PDFs of your policies.
Is Gabi licensed?
Yes, Gabi is licensed as an insurance broker.
How long does it take after signup to get my quotes?
Once you have connected your insurance accounts or sent your policies, it takes two business days until you get a better offer. From that point on, we will continuously monitor your rates.