Program Terms & Conditions

How many people will be eligible for this payout?

We are willing to pay a lot of Gabi’s to get on board. Specifically, though, the first 961 vetted participants will be paid. From there on participants will be subject to consideration but not guaranteed. Submission date and time will be used to quantify qualifying submissions.

Who’s deciding whether a submission ‘qualifies’ or not?

We don’t want to seem like jerks here, but in order to cover our behinds, qualification for payout is up to the company’s full discretion, and we reserve the right to decline payment for fraudulent or bot-driven participation. Sorry, we just...hate bots. And liars. I’m sure you understand.

When is this campaign officially happening?

June and July 2021! Mark those calendars. Also, we reserve the right to end or extend(!) the contest at any time.

How are you going to pay me?

If you qualify, we’ll pay you through Venmo or PayPal.

When, exactly, will I get paid?

Because of boring accounting things, payments will come at the end of the calendar month of the launch of the promotion (June 2021), or the end of the following month (July 2021), depending when the qualifying submission is completed.

Do I have to get an insurance quote or whatever to win?

Nope! Don’t have to buy anything, or use our wonderful service. We do, however, strongly recommend that while you’re here, get a quote. You’ll save a lot of dough—and that will be like winning twice!

Can you explain to me how the name thing works? Gabby / Gabrielle and all that.

If your name is Gabi or Gabby, you’re good. If you have a longer name (e.g. Gabrielle) that you abbreviate as Gabi or Gabby, you’re good. If Gabi or Gabby is your MIDDLE name, you can also participate.

How do I prove my name eligibility.

We’ll ask for a photo of your US driver’s license in the form. We are only using it to vet names.

I changed my name on all three social media sites. Do I get paid 3 times?

Nice try and we applaud the effort. But sadly, no.