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by Krystian Sip,  Nov 19 2021
Updated at Nov 19, 2021|3 min read

Sports celebrity advertisement is something that accompanied us for many decades.

In the last few decades we had the chance to see basketball legends like Michael Jordan and Larry Bird advertise for McDonalds, Nike or Hanes.

Who is Jake from State Farm?

Back in 2011, State Farm released it’s now-iconic advertisement featuring one of its employees, Jake Stone, better known as “Jake from State Farm”. The scene was set in a family’s living room at 3:00 am. The wife comes down a staircase and sees her husband whisper “Yeah, I’m married. Does it matter” to his phone. Assuming infidelity she gets upset with her husband’s excuse

Of “speaking with Jake about his insurance policy”. The advertisement was comedy gold and quickly became “viral”, long before viral was even a thing.

Jake 2.0

10 years later State Farm released an updated version of the advertisement. Re-casting Jake, who has been replaced by a professional actor, Kevin Mimms. For many fans of the original commercial, this might’ve been a hard pill to swallow. The majority of viewers finally came around and this change paved the way for many more advertisements to come.

Drake from State Farm

Soon after the change, State Farm released a new advertisement during the 2021 Super Bowl which was an absolute game-changer.

The advertisement features the new Jake from State Farm along with multiple celebrities including Drake (Drake from State Farm), Paul Rudd, as well as Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback, Patrick Mahomes and Green Bay Packers’ quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. 

Aaron Rodgers starred in multiple State Farm commercials before the 2021 Super Bowl. In many of them, he was joined by the Green Bay Packers’ linebacker, Clay Matthews. Clay, with his natural talent, played the role of the second fiddle in the commercials. Adding further comedic value to the mix, whether they’re fly hunting or drone flying!

Soon after the introduction of the new Jake from State Farm, Patrick Mahomes joined State Farm in their new ad campaign in a few solo commercials. The “Patrick Price” commercial being one of them.

The clip shows Patrick Mahomes thanking Jake for the amazing special price he got him for his insurance. He’s glad that “being a champ has its perks”, only to find out that his price is not that special, since State Farm offers great prices to everyone, not only NFL stars.

Subtitle (NW)

Nationwide is yet another insurance company that struck proverbial gold by launching an ad campaign starring the Denver Broncos’ former quarterback, Peyton Manning.

The campaign started in 2015 with an advertisement of Manning humming the Nationwide Jingle in all everyday situations. Soon after the world recognized him not only as an NFL legend but also the embodiment of Nationwide’s catchy jingle, Nationwide “hired” Manning as their jingle coach. In the following few commercials, he had a chance to “instruct” none other than Brad Paisley. The “don’t teach your grandma how to suck eggs” situation is sure to put a smile on our faces.

Jake Fromm State Farm?

So what else can we expect moving forward? Even though it started as a joke at first, the quarterback for the Buffalo Bills, Jake Fromm, looks like a perfect candidate for State Farm’s future advertisements. After Jake 1.0, Jake 2.0 and Drake from State Farm, it’s only natural for State Farm to use the opportunity they are given and strike while the iron is hot. In fact, Jake is already paid to represent State Farm, for going by the name JakefromStateFromm on his social media.

Are you waiting for a new State Farm commercial featuring “Jake Fromm State Farm”? We know we are!

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