Drivers in Arizona Overpay by $807 per Year for Auto Insurance – Here’s What You Can Do About It

by gabilearn,  Mar 18 2019

Arizona residents overpay by an average of $807 per year for their car insurance, according to a study conducted by our team here at Gabi. With an average car insurance payment of $2,125 per year, that’s a 38% overpayment rate – not exactly small change!

The study looked at insurance rates of about 100,000 people nationwide and compared that to the lowest rate Gabi could find for the same coverage to calculate savings. Many people aren’t aware that they could save hundreds of dollars by switching their insurance, but our data shows that about two-thirds of people are overpaying nationwide.

Tired of overpaying for car insurance every year? The number one thing you can do to make sure you’re getting the best rate is to shop around. A major reason why people pay too much for car insurance is that in the past, shopping around has been an absolute nightmare – you have to fill out endless forms and deal with being completely inundated with spam calls and aggressive salespeople. Gabi’s technology changes all that and does in minutes what it would take you hours to do on your own. Using simply the account credentials to your current insurance provider account (or a simple snapshot of your policy declaration page) we instantly compare your rate to quotes from pretty much every major insurance company to find you the best rate for the same coverage. It’s easy, straightforward, and best of all, once we find you savings, you can just buy the policy directly from Gabi. Plus, once we have your policy information, we’ll continue to search for a better rate every time your policy is up for renewal – so you never have to shop for insurance again.

It only takes 2 minutes to get a completely free review from Gabi and find out if you could save money on your car insurance. Get your quote review and start saving today!

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